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Current investment – Since January 2020 is the B2C/consumer facing division of PickMySolar (PMS) a technology based provider of residential solar systems. PMS has built technology that permits it to manage the consumer path from sales, through permitting. Being a very efficient machine they also serve B2B clients managing the sales process for major utilities as well as the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world.
From the comfort of your home, you can shop, compare, and discuss with a dedicated energy advisor to ensure you're getting the best deal."
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Past investment – ZCapital sold it's position in TABcom to investors and partners in 2016
During his tenure Alex rebranded a former dog catalog into and then seeing the value of the domain in branding and improvement in return on ad spend, acquired additional world class pet, equine and other premium related domains.
Alex also seeing the opportunity in equine bought a catalog driven etailer (Country Supply) and rebranded company to Subsequently Alex purchased StatelineTack from Petsmart when they decided to close the store in store model.
Together with his team Alex cut 100% of the dependence on catalogs as all marketing spend transitioned to online. website image

Current investment
JustInTime Medical Supplies delivers highest quality and certified medical products directly to large end-users as well as medical distribution companies. We currently in general work with only customers requiring large quantities (containers) on an ongoing basis. However that is to be determined on a case by case basis and we make exceptions for charities and if the end product is for medical purposes (and not resale).

Past investment – ZCapital sold it's position in 2015
Perks is a leading provider of worldwide ready incentive, motivation and reward management solutions that enable organizations to maximize the value of their employees, consumers and audiences vital to their success. Perks solutions are geared toward motivational Sales Incentive, Corporate Incentives and Promotions, Employee Performance and Customer Loyalty programs as well as award management for major international clients across 5 continents. Alex grew the company from an idea into one spanning the globe with offices Austin, Boston, Houston, Little Rock, London and New York.

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