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Our investment strategy

With a rich history of investments in companies ranging from start-ups through established companies, B2C to B2B companies delivering services or products - our investment strategy is today based on what we have learnt from our successes (and mistakes).

Today ZCapital is looking to invest in good people first - and companies where the data trends strongly suggest substantial growth opportunities through the use of new technologies and services.

Two areas of focus are companies that are using the rapidly improving artificial intelligence software available to improve and deliver efficiency of content creation, marketing optimization, mass digital customization, dynamic pricing etc.

ZCapital may invest directly in a parent company, spin-off or early-stage company, but in all cases seeks to have the strategic partner as a significant shareholder and to leverage their assets, e.g. customers, distribution channels, brand recognition, relationships, and domain expertise.

Alexander Tabibi M.D.
CEO & Chairman

Alex grew up in Manchester, England, and later moved to the US to study at UCLA where he obtained his BS and then went on to an M.D. from the University of Southern California where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He then did his residency in internal medicine and fellowship in Hematology Oncology at Cedars Sinai, Los Angeles.

He subsequently went on to pursue entrepreneurial activities and since 1999 has founded, been major investor or CEO in B2B and B2C companies across a range of industries whose total revenues to date exceed $2B. As a data-driven executive with forward looking leadership he has enjoyed successes in creating, communicating, and implementing organizational mission and overall direction, Alex has extensive experience in investing, advising, and helping launch an array of innovative startups, B2Bs, and B2Cs.


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